The Antonym of Me: A Lenten Confession

Do you ever feel like the antonym of all you want to be? Flawed, helpless, ineffective, uninspired, failed? Maybe there is something to be discovered in the space between where we are and where we want to be.

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The Good Muslim: A Parable

One day, a religious expert wanted to test Jesus, so he asked, “How do I experience God-quality life?”

Jesus answered, as he so often did, with a question, “What do you see in your own texts; how do you interpret them?”

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Why Jesus Was, and Still Is, a Refugee

There are two primary uses of the “Jesus was/was not a refugee” argument that I’ve seen written about extensively. And this is not just a current context thing. These arguments have been around for decades.

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Gumballs, Immigrants, and the God We Don’t Yet Know

With the current immigration policy debate in US America, there is a particular video lecture circulating social media that involves gumballs. What's disheartening to me, is that I see it posted mostly by friends and acquaintances who are privileged, white American...

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The Outsider Is My Salvation: From the Archives

[callout]This post first appeared in May, 2016. It is good reminder to us now.[/callout] If the person of Jesus is my salvation, then where is Jesus found? In those who are "other" from us, from me. Liberty, freedom, and salvation are in the outsider. [featured-image...

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Exile, Grief, and Hope

The Hebrew word for exile is galah which means “to strip naked or bare.” Our ancient spiritual ancestors experienced this, and we have the strange opportunity to experience it now. A Brief Survey of Biblical Exile The people...

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The Outsider Is My Salvation

If the person of Jesus is my salvation, then where is Jesus found? In those who are "other" from us, from me. Liberty, freedom, and salvation are in the outsider. Peter Rollins calls Christianity the economy of the nobodies...

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Hell Might Be Empty

[callout]A version of this post also appears on Patheos at the Unfundamentalist Christian blog.[/callout] Theologian Jurgen Moltmann once said in a discussion, "In the final analysis I believe hell will be empty." God's Future...

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How Shaving and Following Jesus Are Related

For years I bought into the shaving hype: Gillette razors. I always shelled out for the newest razor with 3 blades, then 4, then 5 including one on the back of the razor, even one that uses a battery and vibrates. Then at the...

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On Belonging

Sometimes our architecture and geographic plans can speak truths into our lives. Though we don't currently live on a cul-de-sac, we've resided on several in the past. One of our previous homes was located on a...

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Your Story Matters

Maybe you’ve been told, directly or indirectly, that your story doesn’t matter. That’s a lie. The Story of You means something.

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Why Suffering Yields Newness

I haven't met many people who like suffering. If anything, our frailty, pride, and sense of self seeks to avoid suffering. But maybe the willingness to alleviate and evade all suffering at all costs is misguided. I've been thinking a lot about newness, new birth, new...

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On the Gift of Nothingness

Recently, while reading through Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth), one of my favorite sections of Hebrew scripture, I remembered how nothingness can be a gift. What if we really viewed life as a gift? This is the only conclusion we can...

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The Outsiders’ Lament

[callout]This post also appears on ALTARWORK.com.[/callout] This isn't ideal: to be the outsiders, to be outside of your inside; yet here we are, some by choice, others by circumstance; all of us, sadly, by purloined precedent. This is not the practice He inspired,...

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They Kill the Prophets

Jesus is recorded as having said, "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you ..." (Luke 13.34).  It's not too hard to see why prophets are rejected, even killed. We prophets are hard to tolerate for too long. [featured-image...

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