Now What?, or Post-Easter Blues?

The day after Easter Sunday sometimes feels like one of those “Now what?” moments. It’s similar to that possible let-down feeling the day after Christmas. All the celebration and joy and yada yada was great; but now what do we do?

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Non-theistic: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 6

Why in the world would we ever want to become non-theistic during one of the most obviously theistic seasons of the liturgical year? To such a natural question I would respond with another question: Why have we not done such a thing more often?

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The Antonym of Me: A Lenten Confession

Do you ever feel like the antonym of all you want to be? Flawed, helpless, ineffective, uninspired, failed? Maybe there is something to be discovered in the space between where we are and where we want to be.

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Non-dualistic: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 2

We have grown so accustomed to viewing ourselves, our beliefs, and our world as a struggle between extremes that it’s difficult to pry ourselves away from that for one week of Lent to become non-dualistic. But if we manage such a colossal feat, we may be surprised with what we discover.

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