Non-theistic: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 6

Why in the world would we ever want to become non-theistic during one of the most obviously theistic seasons of the liturgical year? To such a natural question I would respond with another question: Why have we not done such a thing more often?

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Non-dualistic: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 2

We have grown so accustomed to viewing ourselves, our beliefs, and our world as a struggle between extremes that it’s difficult to pry ourselves away from that for one week of Lent to become non-dualistic. But if we manage such a colossal feat, we may be surprised with what we discover.

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The Good Muslim: A Parable

One day, a religious expert wanted to test Jesus, so he asked, “How do I experience God-quality life?”

Jesus answered, as he so often did, with a question, “What do you see in your own texts; how do you interpret them?”

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Non-directional: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 1

To suggest the notion of becoming non-directional in our results-driven, success-oriented, goal-making, and goal-pursuing society seems almost blasphemous. Yet for this first week of Lent, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting we consider becoming.

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What Does It Mean to Become “Non” for Lent?

This 6-week journey of "Becoming 'Non' for Lent" is something I've chosen to do for two reasons: It can be replicated at any time during the year, and be revisited with different "nons" each Lent; For Jesus-followers and others alike, we need space and time to...

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Why Jesus Was, and Still Is, a Refugee

There are two primary uses of the “Jesus was/was not a refugee” argument that I’ve seen written about extensively. And this is not just a current context thing. These arguments have been around for decades.

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Gumballs, Immigrants, and the God We Don’t Yet Know

With the current immigration policy debate in US America, there is a particular video lecture circulating social media that involves gumballs. What's disheartening to me, is that I see it posted mostly by friends and acquaintances who are privileged, white American...

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Practicing Resurrection Subversively

How easily we forget. If resurrection is both a reality and a metaphor for how we view the world, then we should be about practicing resurrection in creative ways all the time. Enter stage right: Wendell Berry. Wendell Berry is a novelist, poet, farmer, activist, and...

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Bonhoeffer on Stupidity and Independence

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran minister, theologian, and philosopher who resisted the rise of the Nazi regime. He actually used the governmental post he was offered as a cover for subverting Hitler. This got him arrested. He was executed just a few months before the end of World War II.

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Clearing Space

For about a month I've been clearing space: mentally, emotionally, and likely in some ways I'm still not aware of. For the seasons of Advent and Christmas I decided to unplug from a few things in order to make room for something new. I'm not sure if the new has yet...

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The Outsider Is My Salvation: From the Archives

[callout]This post first appeared in May, 2016. It is good reminder to us now.[/callout] If the person of Jesus is my salvation, then where is Jesus found? In those who are "other" from us, from me. Liberty, freedom, and salvation are in the outsider. [featured-image...

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The Arc of Fear

The arc of fear is a powerful motivator. But the arc of fear never finishes bending where it seems to lead, because under the immense pressure of such a significant force, it will always at some point break. History and...

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Remember: A Prayer on the Eve of Election Day

A brief prayer on the eve of the US election day, to remind us what is real. Remember, this too will pass. Like all things, Like always. We've fashioned something much bigger of this: Holding up a funhouse mirror to our system...

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