Becoming “Non” for Lent

Feb 27, 2017

For the Season of Lent 2017 (March 1-April 15) I’ll be focusing on becoming “non.” I invite you to join me in this journey of becoming non-directional, non-dualistic, non-equivalent, non-conformist, non-combative, and non-theistic in order to change into something more than we were.

This journey will take us into being a different “non” each week of Lent. We may find that we already identify with some of these ideas. We may discover that elements of them exist within us. We may experience something completely foreign to what we are accustomed to. Through it all, the hope is that as we take away parts of what we are, and add in some new things, we will more easily understand ourselves and push forward into being the people God dreams for us to be.

Below you will find the resources for each week leading up to Easter, as they become available.


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