Hi, I’m Brian.

I’m a former pastor, who was a former actor, and now a guy who communicates to, for, and about outsiders. Find out more about me here.

I’m a storyteller + artistic theologian + creative philosopher. Take a look around to find out more about that.

I’m all about the lifelong process of reimagining ourselves + our culture + our faith … maybe everything. You can click through to my blog, the Reimagining podcast, or get info about having me speak at your event. You can also check out what’s available in the store. Thanks for visiting.

Know yourself, reimagine everything, and be the peace.


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Jesus Messes Everything Up How One Word Completely Changed the Game

Jesus is the pre-eminent interpreter of scripture. And in one instance he injects one interpretive word into one familiar theological statement, and we still haven’t recovered.

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Confession of a Recovering Pastor

Does the system of religion have much to do with following Jesus? Here’s a confession from a recovering pastor about this very thing.

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Why Pray for Others? Ironically, It's About Me

It’s not until recently that I’ve found a compelling result when I pray for others. And in a roundabout way, the practice changes me in beneficial ways.

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The Will to Love Something I Can't Do

I can do so much. We all can. As Whitman wrote, we are large and contain multitudes. But I realize there is something I cannot do. We cannot manufacture the will to love.

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Now What?, or Post-Easter Blues?

The day after Easter Sunday sometimes feels like one of those “Now what?” moments. It’s similar to that possible let-down feeling the day after Christmas. All the celebration and joy and yada yada was great; but now what do we do?

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Non-theistic: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 6

Why in the world would we ever want to become non-theistic during one of the most obviously theistic seasons of the liturgical year? To such a natural question I would respond with another question: Why have we not done such a thing more often?

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Non-combative: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 5

Conflict is part of life, because relationships are part of life. Where there are relationships, there will be conflict. We also experience conflict within ourselves if we strive toward any modicum of personal growth.

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Non-conformist: Becoming “Non” for Lent | Week 4

There are dozens, likely hundreds of ways, we conform to what’s expected of us and what we’ve learned is normal. And it is highly probable that we conform in these ways without even being aware of it.

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