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Hi, I’m Brian.

I’m a former pastor, who was a former actor, and now a guy who communicates to, for, and about outsiders. Find out more about me here.

I’m a storyteller + artistic theologian + creative philosopher. Take a look around to find out more about that.

I’m all about the lifelong process of reimagining ourselves + our culture + our faith … maybe everything. You can click through to my blog, the Reimagining podcast, or get info about having me speak at your event. You can also check out what’s available in the store. Thanks for visiting.

Know yourself, reimagine everything, and be the peace.


A conversation around reimagining ourselves, our culture, our faith ... maybe everything


Benediction: All Our Pain | A Liminal Advent | Part 4

A Liminal Advent doesn’t allow me to glibly declare that after a certain amount of waiting God will come into our pain and heal it all.

Affirmation: Togetherness | A Liminal Advent | Part 3

A liminal Advent encourages and challenges us to experience togetherness with those not like us. Because we need each other. All the each others.

Confession: We Don’t Have Our Stuff Together | A Liminal Advent | Part 2

When we give ourselves the freedom to question during a liminal Advent, without expecting ready and complete answers, we may learn that our house isn’t entirely in order. But are we brave enough to confess such a thing?

Invocation: Questions | A Liminal Advent | Part 1

What if we have forgotten, or perhaps never explored, the stuff of Advent beyond our established boundaries? What if a liminal Advent is more authentic?

Backleading A Poem

Backleading: A Poem. The prelude began on a Nashville night; The first movement ended on a Mississippi highway.


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