I’m a former pastor, who was a former actor, and now a guy who navigates the fringes of all things institutional. I am a storyteller. I try to communicate to and for outsiders, outliers, and people on the fringes, to empower them to speak truth to power and live sacramentally in order to reimagine their stories.

I’ve had an interesting life since hitting my early 20s.

I spent about 10 years as a professional theatre artist (actor, director, designer, writer), in which I founded a professional not-for-profit company in my hometown, Nashville, TN. Toward the end of this part of the journey, I thought God called me to be a pastor, but God actually called me to be a storyteller. It would take me some years of struggle to figure this out.

I went to seminary while I served as a youth pastor in Nashville. In 2006, we pulled up stakes and served as lead pastor for a small congregation in Coastal Georgia. Suffering from burn-out and wanting to focus on being a better husband and father, I resigned from vocational ministry (I thought forever) and served as manager for a local transitional housing shelter.

Shortly thereafter, we moved to Jacksonville, FL where I taught public high school for 4 years (literature, theatre, critical thinking skills, theory of knowledge). Having found a local church community in which to rest, recover, and restore, God began to softly urge me back toward the call to be a storyteller. For two years, I plunged back into vocational ministry serving as an associate pastor at a local church.

I am now working on my PhD in Humanities, and pursuing storytelling full-time, by speaking and writing wherever I can. I also host the Reimagining Podcast. I’m still ordained, and seek to honor that trust as a storyteller and a servant. My family and I try to follow Jesus in different ways, a bit of the ancient mixed with a bit of the future.

My wife, Heather, and I have 3 kids who don’t have an off switch.  We homeschool them in the classical tradition. We treasure our family moments together, and seek to live out the Jesus life.

I hold a BA in English Literature and Dramatic Arts and an MA in Theology, am ordained in the Church of the Nazarene, and am a former member of Actors’ Equity Association. My diverse background means I have lots of questions, I’m all about life-long change, and I’m always up for authentic and generous discussion.

If you’re interested in me speaking for your event or organization, click here.

Know yourself, reimagine everything, and be the peace.

Photography by Jen Showalter



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