Brian is theologically astute, a natural communicator, and a warm-hearted speaker. He has a unique way of connecting with people through both intellect and passion.
Henry W. Spaulding II, PhD
President, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Brian is a gifted speaker in two ways. First, he keeps the attention of his audience from beginning to end. Second, he gives his audience a message of substance – a message that can transform their lives.
Bob Pettit
Leadership Consultant
I am always struck by his honesty, insight, and passion. Brian is a a creative wordsmith and powerful truth-teller who has the ability to captivate an audience.
Dr. David Diehl
Dean of School of Music, Trevecca Nazarene University
He has an amazing capability of taking material that may be controversial or unpopular, and presenting it in a way that those who may be in disagreement can appreciate the strongest counter position to their own.
Brian Fullford
Bank of America
Here is a voice that needs to be heard. Brian is a masterful storyteller who synthesizes culture, theology and faith into a candid and engaging conversation with small groups and large audiences alike. He stretches orthodoxy back to its original generosity.
Lance Sellon
US Army Chaplain

I understand the unique challenge of finding the right speaker for your event. Here I hope you can find some information about me as a speaker that will help you make an easier decision. Thanks for your interest in considering me. I’m truly honored.


My Main Focus Areas for Speaking


Our Stories, Reimagined


I offer a wide range of content here, but all of it deals with current issues pertaining to the life of the mind, knowing the self, and living compassionately in a seemingly unjust world. Through the lens of story, participants are challenged to shift their perspective on how we know what we know, inspired to reimagine their own stories, and given the tools to find their unique voice.


Faith, Reimagined


I examine the ways we think and talk about God through the stories of the Bible; and the status quo is turned on its head! This blazingly creative and fresh approach to thinking about God is firmly situated on classical understandings of Christian thought, while rekindling and reimagining ancient ways that have been forgotten. Participants are captivated by the honest and real stripping away of things that stifle our creativity when approaching God.


Kicked in the Ashes


We all fail at something at least once, usually more, and this profound sense of falling down can relegate us to extended periods of shame resulting in our self-assessment that we’ve reached the cap of our potential. I shift the focus of our failure to highlight the honest process of failing and perceiving failure, the beauty of brokenness, the transformative way of failing better that calls for imaginative wonder and anticipation, and the authentic individual and community resurgence that emerges from the ashes.

Here’s What You Can Expect from Working with Me


  • Prompt and courteous replies to your communications.
  • A personal and unhurried phone conversation so I can better understand you, your audience, and your goals to see how I can best serve you.
  • If your event is open to the public and you’d like visibility for it, I’ll announce it on my site and through all my social media channels.
  • A prepared, professional, and uniquely dynamic presentation focused on achieving the goals you set forward.
  • A customizable level of interaction between me and your audience, from lecture all the way to full participation.
  • Recommendations of resources tied to my presentation made available and created exclusively for your audience.
  • A follow-up from me to assess how well I met your expectations, and to let me know where you’d like to see improvements.

A Little About Me

I’m a PhD candidate in Humanities-Philosophy, hold the MA in Theology and BA in Theatre Arts & English Literature, am an Ordained Elder in the Church of the Nazarene, and a former member of Actors’ Equity Association.

My diverse background and experience has afforded me the opportunity to challenge, inspire, and equip thousands of people through hundreds of speaking events across the country. From large auditoriums to intimate pubs and coffee shops, I’ve developed a signature and compelling interactive style. My creative narrative abilities enable me to adapt to the needs of audiences in fresh ways.

I have positioned myself as a voice to and for outsiders, outliers, and those on the fringes. I currently live in Jacksonville, FL with my wife Heather and our 3 kids (who don’t have an off switch).

I’d love to see if there’s a way for me to come alongside your organization or event and enhance the work you are doing. I speak in many settings from large venues to small groups. And I tailor my presentational style in multiple ways, depending on your needs.


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