This 6-week journey of “Becoming ‘Non’ for Lent” is something I’ve chosen to do for two reasons:

  1. It can be replicated at any time during the year, and be revisited with different “nons” each Lent;
  2. For Jesus-followers and others alike, we need space and time to investigate what we think we aren’t so that we can better become who we are.

In the video below, I explain a bit more about all this. Check it out.


The main metaphor for this journey is ashes. So it’s appropriate that the Season of Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. Whether you practice the Christian calendar or reject all religious practice, this metaphor conveys meaning for us all.

Ashes symbolize the ultimate in futility. Everything will end. Death will happen. Things turn to dust every single day.

Ashes also inherently hold an impossible promise. From death, life will grow. From ruin, rebirth will form. From nothing, something will rise.

Look at these ashes of death; new life will grow from this!

The 6 Weeks

Each week during this Season, I’ll focus on a different “non”:

  • non-directional (March 6)
  • non-dualistic (March 13)
  • non-equivalent (March 20)
  • non-conformist (March 27)
  • non-combative (April 3)
  • non-theistic (April 10)

We’ll explore some of our preconceptions, some of what we think we are and aren’t, some of what we could be.

I invite you to join me in Becoming “Non” for Lent.



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